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At the foot of Mount Parnassos between two rocks (Phaedriades) is the "Omphalos (navel) of the world", the oracle of Delphi, the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world dedicated during the Homeric years to Python and then to Apollo.

We are on the ancient winding path of Iera Odos which led to the Temple of Apollo. A column of ionic rhythm probably votive, catches the filmmaker’s attention and the lens zooms in on the capital giving details of the volute and the engraved flutes on its shaft.

Afterwards, we watch shots of the Temple of Apollo where in the "adyton" the Pyphia from her tripod conveyed the words of the god. The temple is a peripteral Doric style building and the lens stands on the ruins of it where we can see the flutes of the columns and in one of them we can see its capital.

Then the lens wanders to the Phaedriades stones, the huge rocks in the gap of which Delphi was built and subsequently to the votive monument of Corfu, to end up with vertical shots from the sanctuary of Apollo.

Afterwards, the filmmaker takes us to the treasure of the Athenians, where with a zoom-in shot, he gives us details of the triglyphs and the pediments. It is a small building of Doric style in which the votive offerings of the Athenians were kept.

The film closes with shots from the stoa of the Athenians which is located below the Temple of Apollo and in front of the polygonal retaining wall where we can see the two columns of Ionic style.


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Filippou Michail

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