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We are in the fortress of Palamidi, one of the most important achievements of Venetian fortification architecture, built on the homonymous hill of Nafplio, capital of the prefecture of Argolida in the Peloponnese.

The visitors go up to the top of the hill, walk outside the castle’s walls, inside the bastion of Saint Andreas and we see a shot of the rocky peninsula of Akronafplia as well as the coastal path of the "Round of Arvanitia”.

A panoramic shot that shows the second emblematic, for the city, Bourtzi fortress which was built by the Venetians on the rocky islet of Saint Theodoros, the port and a large part of the city of Nafplio.

We can see historic buildings in Syntagma Square, such as the Archaeological Museum, the “Bouleutirion” (parliament building) which housed the first Greek Parliament, the Old Mosque and of course the Argolic Gulf. The panoramic shot continues and we watch the whole city but, also, parts of the countryside from the 216 meters altitude. We see the bell tower above the gate of Saint Andreas and a small chapel that is inside the castle.

A general view-layout, of the-then-newly built hotel Xenia.

Then, the filmmaker and his family have gone down to the city, to the beach, next to the tables of coffee shops and taverns, and we see two women of the filmmaker’s family tying their handkerchiefs with Bourtzi as a background. A rowing boat crosses the shoreline behind them and lastly, the women approach the camera.

A man on a stool fishes with his rod as a little boy passes.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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