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We are in the port of the coastal city of Kyrenia, on the northern coast of Cyprus.

At the entrance of the port, rises impressive in front of us the castle which was originally built by the Romans and in the 7th century was rebuilt by the Byzantines in an effort to protect the city from Arab invasions. Over the centuries it has undergone many changes and additions.

With a panoramic shot, we see the pier with the lighthouse, the northeast side of the castle, small boats that are moored in the port, some buildings, houses or inns, a ruined tower that is integrated with the Customs of Kyrenia and a part of the urban construction. The Cypriot flag on the mast of the Customs.

We see the grey building of a shop with warehouses on the ground floor and behind it is the bell tower of the church of the Archangel Michael, patron saint of the city.

We’ re back to the harbor and the castle. Views from the sides of the fortifications and palm tree tops in its interior. We see a shot of the half-ruined tower of the port’s defense chain. The city is embraced by the mountain peaks of the Pentadaktylos mountain range.

We see a sunset in the-then-free Kyrenia.


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Filippou Michail

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