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Chania is a coastal city in northwestern Crete, one of its most important ports and the capital of the Chania regional unit.

We are located in the Venetian port of Chania with its Egyptian Lighthouse, which is a landmark of the city. Although, it is called "Egyptian", it was built by the Venetians in the late 16th century as an open flame lighthouse and was rebuilt by the Egyptians in the early 19th century, when they ruled Crete. It is 21 meters high and its light covers a distance of seven miles. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world that survives till today.

The camera turns to the northwest side of the port of Chania, we see the Revellino del Porto, a fortification project for the protection of the port that was built by the Venetians, while during the period of Turkish rule the Turks called it Firkas (barracks).

On a bench outside the walls of the Fortress, two girls talk as well as other visitors take a walk in front of the stormy port.

We see a shot of the lighthouse again, where the waves crash and a panoramic shot starts in the port’s buildings, the imposing Küçük Hasan Pasha Mosque or Yali Mosque is revealed, the first mosque that was built in Crete just after the occupation of the city of Chania by the Turks. We can still see the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. We see groups of people and cars outside the Fortress, in the other side where is the Lighthouse, a fishing boat that approaches the port, details of structural, architectural and fortification elements of the Fortress.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

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