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After the fall of the seven-year military dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974), elections were held on November 17, 1974, when Konstantinos Karamanlis was elected Prime Minister. While elections would normally take place again four years later, various national issues hastened the elections for November 20, 1977.

At the beginning of the film, we are in the center of Athens and from the multitude of posters on columns and walls we perceive the intense political campaign. On the posters, names of parties, such as Alliance of Progressive and Left Forces, New Democracy (aka ND), Panhellenic Socialist Movement (aka PASOK), Union of the Democratic Centre (aka EDIK), National Alignment, representative slogans and political candidates, such as the outgoing Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis. The Voulis Street is covered with flyers and flags.

We are moved across the street, to Syntagma Square, where a technician deals with the installation of the television cameras, which will record the speeches of the political leaders. The posters on the wall continue at the square’s lower area, in front of the Postal Savings Bank. In a nearby kiosk, we see newspapers (Eleftherotypia, Ta Nea, Apogevmatini, Vradyni, Estia) with campaigning headlines on the covers, as well as popular magazines.

On the cover of the newspaper Ta Nea we see that it is November 17, that means three days before the elections and in the entire print media we read headlines, depending on the support of the publishers to the candidate parties.
We see a shot of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with the hill of Lycabettus being visible in the background.

The polling station of New Democracy, a large crowd in the city that is full with posters, a young girl distributes a PASOK leaflet. Then we watch the PASOK polling station and shots from its interior area, the tent of the historic patisserie "Rosikon", a “rain” of flyers with slogans, the polling station of the Communist Party of Greece, polling stations of EDIK, the National Alignment and the fountain in Omonia Square.

We see Omonia Hotel, on the corner of Tritis Septemvriou Street, the twin hotels Bagion and Alexander the Great (works by Ernast Ziller).

The filmmaker, as a bus passenger, records the politically colorful Athens.

The covers of the newspapers announce the results in headlines-comments and lastly a tab with the distribution of seats.



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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm