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We are on the Acropolis of Athens, a rocky outcrop, 157 m above sea level. The hill is inaccessible from all sides except from the west, where the fortified entrance is located, the one decorated with the brilliant Propylaea.

The film opens with the opening credits and then a lot of people getting off from the buses of that era and heading towards the Acropolis. The filmmaker shows us the Propylaea (gate to the Acropolis) and focuses on a visitor who besides her walking disability, she is trying with the help of her companion to go up the slope. The lens shows us the visitors admiring the monuments, and right after that, some shots of the Parthenon. Shots with the Karyatides of the Erechteion follow, the ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon and Athena, which is on the northern part of the hill.

The filmmaker's attention is drawn to two Japanese ladies in their traditional attire. Shots with visitors wandering on the archaeological site, as well as shots of the monuments follow. The tour continues with a panoramic view of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and various Acropolis monuments. We also watch a short shot of a woman sitting and reading a book.

The film ends with visitors, who begin their ascending and a view of the western part of the Acropolis rock.


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Bardis Nikolaos




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I had visited the Acropolis of Athens for the first time in 1966, as a high school student, with my classmates and our teacher, Yiannis Alevizakis.

The second time I visited it, alone, with the camera on my hand. I wanted to do more than a film… that would just act as a souvenir. So, I began to prepare at home. I started with the opening credits. I cut out small pieces of cardboard, on each one I curved one of the alphabet letters that were necessary for the credits. So, with successive shots, I created the opening credits. The background is a colourful patched rug.

What impressed me during the filming are the visitor with the crutches, the two Japanese ladies in their traditional attire and the lady, who is studying sitting on a rock!
Bardis Nikolaos