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We are transferred seventy years ago, to a black and white film in the garden of the filmmaker's grandmother. The shots were taken by his father since he was then a five-year-old boy. We watch the moments of joy of very close and dear relatives. We find that the same timeless games have traveled through time, giving laughter even to today's children.

The film opens with moments of relaxation for some, and a bike ride for the women of the company. Hair with light curls caught on the side, pants up to the ankle for women, tiny dresses for little girls. For men suits, shorts and sleeveless shirts for the young men. The girls pose, the dog shows up chasing his ball, a child shoots an invisible enemy, and a couple shares tender moments. Children surround them trying to get the older ones in the game.

A tower of children one on top of the other, and alternating faces in a dance pattern. The kids continue with the game " the bee passes by", where we watch the two leaders as they join hands, creating an arch where the children's queue passes, catching the last one.

The film closes with another circular group play that still fills the children with joy today.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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Playing in "grandma's garden", in Alexandria, in Mohammed Massoud street in 1949.
Appearing: Stathis Athanasoglou, Nikos Athanasoglou, Jenny, Elpi, Kikou, Mimi, Lila, Michalis and Sophia Tziranis, Makis. Aunt Elli holds Lila, Nikos, Makis, Mimi, Elpi in the line.

All first cousins and beloved to each other since then.
Athanasoglou Nikolaos