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Tritakis Vasilis

He was born in Volos in March 1956, with roots in Crete and Sparta.

He studied Medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. While he was a medical student, he learned photography and cinematography as an amateur, in a group organized and taught by the psychiatrist Alexis Dermetzoglou (who later founded the Drama Short Film Festival).

Then, while he was doing his medical speciality in Athens, he enrolled in the school of directing “Hatzokou” (Alexandras Avenue), but he could not bear to continue for a second year, because everyone smoked (about 25-35 people) in the classroom during the lesson and for this reason he was forced to leave school… He remembers as teachers the directors: Costas Ferris (he attended as practice for the shooting of the movie "Oh !! Calcutta") and Giannis Smaragdis.

In 1978, while he was still a student, he hitchhiked half of Europe to Germany. He bought a silent German NIZO Super-8 camera. In August 1979 he made a long journey from Thessaloniki, crossed Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and lastly reached Calcutta. Those 2 months of wandering, he was filming all these places!

In 1980 he begins to take part in the Thessaloniki Super-8 Short Film Festival that took place every May at the French Institute of Thessaloniki and was organized by Markos Holevas and his friends.

His film "RETURN" wins the First Prize. In 1981 at the same Festival, with his short film "Cycle 28" he gets the first prize again and in 1982 he participates with the film "Γ ἤ Β ?".

In December 1983 he traveled to Thailand, Bangkok, southern China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. With footage from this great Journey, he made his last film in Super-8 "Naam ~ the Wisdom of Waters" which participates for the 4th time in the Thessaloniki Film Festival Super-8 (in May 1984) (then he begins to use 16mm film format).

In October and November 1984 he travels (after extensive and many years of research) to Pakistan and ascends to the Indo-Caucasus, where he locates the strange Kafir Kalash tribe. Doctor Vas. E. Tritakis is probably one of the first Greeks to meet the forgotten tribe of Kalasha. He records its inhabitants in the lens of Nizo Super-8 and creates the first Greek short film about Kalasha people entitled: "Daughters of Alexander the Great", which was presented with great success and distinctions at the Drama Short Film Festivals Oct. 1985 and Thessaloniki Nov. 1986.

V. TRITAKIS (April 2020)

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