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Gkikas Georgios

Georgios K. Gikas was born in the village Brania of Epirus and lives in Athens. He is the Honorable Director of the General Secretariat of National Statistical Service of the Ministry of National Economy. He is Economist-Statistician, Amateur historian and author, with postgraduate studies in Statistics, Informatics and Management. In addition to the National Statistical Service, he has worked in the Public Administration Audit Office, Ministry of Presidency of the Government.

His professional activities include writing of scientific papers and serving as a member of the Scientific-Pedagogical Team responsible for supervising, designing and implementing educational software and organizing seminars for the Public Sector.

Founder, inspirer and for many years leader of professional trade union in the field of Informatics, he was actively involved in organizing computerization in the Public Sector and improving the working conditions of the employees in it. As a member of the 5-member Committee, chaired by the late President of the Republic Kostis Stefanopoulos (as Minister of the Presidency of the Government), he has contributed to improving the computerization of Ministries.

For many years he took part in the cultural activities of his own homeland, Epirus, and generally Greece.

After many years of research, he wrote his history book "Epirus, my homeland - Wandering the Historic Trails of Epirus". In this book he offers the reader a brief, fascinating account of the most important events on Epirus. Events that have been decisive for Greece's course through the centuries.

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